Business Resignation Letter


Mr Collins,

Marketing manager,

OYB firm


Ms Stephanie,

Head of marketing department,

OYB firm

Dear Madam,

I, Mr Collins, the manager of the marketing department of the OYB firm, am writing this letter to render resignation from the post of the marketing manager. The job has been very demanding and I reckon that I have not been able to discharge my services in the way I was expected to do so. And hence it will be much better for the OYB firm for me to step down from the post of the manager of the marketing department.

I tried to give my best after the last altercation provided by my seniors but the organization is expecting much more than what I can provide to it and hence I do not fit into the context. I hope that my resignation shall be approved at the earliest and the payment de for the services which I have offered shall be tendered to me in the coming days, without any hindrance.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Collins

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