Business Request Letter


Mr. Wilbur L Wright

Centaur Mall

718, Northeast Drive


Date: 13-12-2011

Subject: Business Request Letter

Dear Mrs. Wright

This is a business request letter to present a business request opportunity that would be helpful and advantageous for both of us.

You run the adventure section of a shopping mall and have many visitors during the day. Our company designs and makes custom products for people like custom designed t-shirts, coffee mugs and clocks. We would like to request you to consider our offer to encourage your visitors to take a look on these products and if anybody shows interests we can design the products as per their requirement.

This whole thing can be managed in a very small section of your adventure club and we can work out on profit sharing terms.

I am thankful for your time to go through my offer and please feel free to contact me on 788 653 3208 in case of any further query.

Yours’ sincerely

Sara Jones

Jones Design Crafts.

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