Business Promotion Letter

Ms. Callie Foskett

Sales Manager

Better Health, Inc.

August 27, 2010

Mr. James Whitty


Access Sales, Co.


Dear Mr. Whitty,

I Write In Behalf Of Our Company, Better Health Inc., Which Has Opened A New Branch In Town.  For Fifteen Years, Our Company Has Been Providing Fitness Trainings And Seminars To Various Clientele In The United Kingdom.  Ours Is A Company That Values Health And Fitness As A Way To Living A Long And Productive Life.  Our Experience And Excellent Service Has Made Us One Of The Most Respected By Health Workers And Individuals Seeking A Better Life.  This Year, We Have Also Introduced Fitness Products That Are Developed By Excellent Doctors And Scientists In The Country.

The Health Of Employees Is An Important Asset To A Successful Business.  That Is Why We Have Opened Trainings To Company Employees On Request.  It Is A Worthy Investment For Any Business.

If You Are Interested, Please Contact Us At 01224 662 616.


Callie Foskett

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