Business Partner Appreciation Letter


Mr Dave,

KLPD Constructions Ltd,



Mr Jones,

GPL Constructions Ltd,


Dear Mr Jones,

This letter has been drafted to express gratitude and appreciation for completion of another successful venture between the two firms. The dam project shall see twilight of work in the coming days and even this project, like the previous ones between the two firms, have emerged as successful as it has been desired. We have been sharing this success in our business for nearly half a decade and I, on behalf of the KLPD Constructions Ltd, express hope that this business relationship between the two firms extends until the horizon in the forthcoming years.

GPL Constructions Ltd has been a trendsetter in the construction field. We were a naive firm with not a reflective backdrop like GPL Constructions Ltd when we approached for the business partnership offer for the first time. Despite this, unlike others, you showed faith in us and we have reached these heights today. Always appreciating your support,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Dave

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