Business Letter Template


Ms Stewart,

General Manager,

Enigma Shopping Complex,



Mr Crouch,

B-15, Baker’s Street,


Dear Mr Crouch,

This is Ms Stewart, the general manager of Enigma Shopping Complex, conveying appreciation and gratitude for your trust in us for the last 10 years on behalf of the entire Enigma Shopping Complex. The coming week marks the completion of ten successful years of relationship between you and this mall. This marks your entrance in the elite customer group of Enigma Shopping Complex. The customers in this group are served with special priorities and there are certain excellent bargains which you can avail of, now that you belong to this group of high priority customer.

This letter has a form enclosed along with this letter. Please bring this form completely filled while you make your next visit at Enigma Shopping Complex, so that the formalities of addition of your name to this elite group of customers can be accomplished. We wish that you enjoy every special offer which comes your way.

Yours faithfully,

Ms Stewart

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