Business Letter of Recognition


Mr Stewart,

KOU Constructions Ltd,



Mr Cedric,

GYT Construction Materials firm,


Dear Mr Cedric,

This letter has been drafted in reply to your letter dated 19 December 2010. I, Mr Stewart, from the KOU Constructions Ltd, welcome your proposal on behalf of the entire KOU Constructions Ltd for the supply of the construction materials for the dam project undertaken by our firm. We have recognised the terms and conditions mentioned under the preferable category in the documents enclosed along with your letter. There are certain preferences on our part for the clauses of the agreement which we require to ink in before the supply of the construction goods.

These preferences have been enlisted in the documents enclosed along with this letter. We are hopeful that this communication will materialise into a prosperous business venture for the two sides. We would like to hear from you regarding the further development in this context. We are hoping for a quick and favourable response from your side,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Stewart

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