Business Letter Model


Mr Francisco,

Human resource officer,

KBS Engineering Ltd,



Mrs Braganza,


Imperial Institute of Engineering,


Dear Mrs Braganza,

I, Mr Francisco, the human resource officer for KBS Engineering Ltd, am drafting this letter to make you intimated of the fact that the agreement of offering placement and placement packages to the young talent emerging from Imperial Institute of Engineering to KBS Engineering Ltd is on the verge of completion of its period. We express our satisfaction for the successful completion of the agreement and we wish to extend this agreement between the two of us.

However, there are certain amendments in the clauses of the agreement which are desired by us in order to develop an agreement which shall serve the needs of both, the firm and the students getting appointed. These amendments have been intimated in the documents enclosed along with this letter. We wish to hear your preferences and desirable amendments from your side. Hence, waiting for a quick and favourable response from your side,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Francisco

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