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Nicole Andrew,

General Manager,

Infotech Company

#5, North Yorkshire,


YO13 EP3

1st June 2011

Subject: Recommendation of new product

Dear Ms. Nicole,

We are pleased to bring forward to you a new product launched by our company. Amongst all the products that we have produced so far this is one of the best. Also this product is one of its kind in the segment that we are targeting and we do not have any competitors so far. As you are our esteemed business partner for such a long period and also the largest distributor all over the country we are willing to offer the best deal in this range of business.

I sincerely recommend that you go through the product catalogue along with the superb features that we have sent a separate write-up along with this letter. We will eagerly wait for a rewarding business relationship with your company.

Have a great day. Thanking you.

Yours truly,




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