Business Letter Example


Michele Donald,


Reddington Corporate Ltd,

#23, North Shield,

Tyne and Wear,


NE30 ER22

15th January 2012

Subject: Acceptance of business proposal

Dear Ms. Michele,

We are pleased to inform you that the business proposal submitted by you last week has been approved by the Board of Directors of our company in the general meeting we conducted yesterday. We are also satisfied with the terms of contract specified by you and willing to pay you accordingly for the manufacture of paper plates. To begin with we would like to place an order of 1000 paper plates at the mentioned rate for the order.

You can get in touch with our legal department to complete the formalities required to start the project effectively within the next one week. Your company has a very good reputation in the market and we too hope to have a very good rewarding business relationship with your company.

Yours Sincerely,





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