Business inquiry letter

Mr. Keith Pistorius

Park Road, Manor Park

London, E15 5HG

January 30, 2010

Technical Department
Great Appliances, Inc.


To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to inquire about the products that you posted in your advertisement in the UK Daily last week.  I am interested in the new line of kitchen appliances that you are selling and I want to ask several questions before finally deciding to purchase the said products.  I have not found the answers to my questions in your company’s website.

  • Do you offer special discounts for bulk orders and how many items should I purchase to avail of the discounts?
  • Will the kitchen appliances be compatible for use in other countries?

I am planning to buy several products to send to friends in Asian countries and I wanted to make sure that these would be usable.

I hope to receive your response to these queries the earliest possible through my email or through the post.

Thank you.


Keith Pistorius


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