Business Decline Letter


Julian Kathleen,


Image Consultants,

Harrison Street,


HA11 CA41

05th March 2012

Subject: Decline of business offer by your company

Dear Ms. Julian,

We are hereby writing to you in response to the business proposal made by your company with regard to the supply of raw material for manufacture of toys. We regret to inform you that the partners of our company have rejected your business proposal as it is not financially viable for us to undertake business. The primary reason for this being the rates quotes by your for supply of the raw material which is exorbitant from the prevailing market prices. At this rate we will not be able to make any profits as we have a niche market and cannot bring the prices up than drastically.

In case you wish to revise your quotation we can initiate further discussions with you regarding the business proposal. Else you can consider this letter to be a decline letter from our company.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

Armanda Gibson.


Smack Corp.



Decline Letters

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