Business Customer Reference Letter

Ms. Diane Attridge

Administrative Supervisor

Malcolm Business Limited

188 Clarence Street

Kingston KT1 1QT

September 10, 2011

Ms. Joanna Cornell

Administrative Supervisor

Global Telecommunications

10 Mercia Walk

Wolsey Place

Working GU21 6XS

Dear Joanna,

The Christmas Season is just around the corner and I know for sure that your hands are full to attend to

the demanding preparations of your Corporate Christmas Party. I have just discovered a wonderful way

of coming up with a stress free planning when we hired the services of Platinum Event Service Ltd. Our

Christmas Party in 2010 was by far the most exciting and memorable for me – there’s was no hassle on

my part for the tedious preparation.

I am recommending that yo u employ the service s of this event planner so that you will truly enjoy your

time for shopping instead of planning the party . I tell you, the staff of Platinum Event Service Ltd will

take care of all the details of your party from choosing the venue, food

, entertainment, down to the

little details of party gifts.

Give me a call at 020 8880 2020 should you wish for further information on this.



f”‘>Mrsk� ra!$p$e


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