Business Complaint Letter

Jane Wales

Roehampton Lane

London, SW16 5PJ

September 30, 2010

Paul Hall

General Manager

Complete Printing Supplies

Brunswick Square

London, WC5N 1AX

Ref: Incomplete delivery

Dear Mr. Hall,

I want to call your attention to your first delivery of Laserjet printers set on October 5, 2010 under the transaction code 1234567.  Our records show that only 1,750 units were delivered on the said day as stated in the delivery form and checked by our staff.

As per our contract, a total of 2,000 units were supposed to be delivered on the first delivery date.  I regret to inform you that your company was not able to follow the said agreement.

The incomplete delivery has already caused some delay in our projects.   As such, I request that you immediately act on the problem and deliver us the lacking units together with the second delivery on October 15.

I hope there will be no more drawbacks in fulfilling this task.

Thank you.  I look forward to your full cooperation.


Jane Wales

Encl.: Copy of Agreement and Transaction

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