Business Appeal Letter


Mr Crouch,

Site in- charge,

KDMT Construction Firm,

Las Vegas


Mr Thomas,

MSRDC Construction Materials Ltd,

Las Vegas

Dear Mr Thomas,

I, the site in-charge from the KDMT Construction firm, am writing this letter to make you aware of something which has been very depressing in the business relation which we have been sharing from such a long period of time. The construction materials which have been delivered to us in the last couple of consignments have been very inferior in quality, most antitheses to the reputation which you have been able to create in our eyes. For the first instance, the apparent adulterated materials were ignored being that for the first time. However, the same has happened with the consignment which we got yesterday.

Our business relations have only got better with every passing contract and every project which we have undertaken. However, the same progress and prospering is not evident. This appeal is to look for the lapse in the material quality. Hoping for the better progress in relations,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Crouch

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