Boss Appreciation Letter


Mr Filch,

Junior sales manager,

Bridgetown Mall,



Mr Gomes,

Sales manager,

Bridgetown Mall,


Dear Mr Gomes,

This is Mr Filch, junior sales manager, submitting appreciation and gratitude at your disposal. Sir, the coming week shall mark the completion of a successful working year of my career. I still remember the day when I first stepped into the office for filling in the post of junior sales manager. I had no experience in the field and was coming straight after completing my studies. You showed me the ways to transfer all the theoretical knowledge into the execution of the practical things.

I appreciate the way you nurtured my talent and helped me to get accustomed to the dynamics of the commerce world. I would always owe one to you for this. I thank you and appreciate you for being the caring boss who you are and not the stereotypical boss which we know of. I shall always remember your guidance and shall execute it in best way.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Filch

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