Birthday Party Invitation Letter


Ms. Rose Evans

Wager Street, Bow

London, E5 4JD


Ms. Valerie Brooks


London, E5 1LQ

Dear Valerie,

I am turning twenty one this coming Saturday. I have arranged a small party on Sunday at the Fire ‘n’ Ice restaurant that is close to your place at 1600 hours. I wish your presence on the occasion.

The party is an informal one and is a theme based one. So, you are requested to dress based on Hawaiian theme. The party would be a great time to catch up with all our old friends and have fun just like old times. There is a dance party in the beginning and after that there is arrangement of snacks and dinner. I will also mail you the details of the party.

I will look forward to meet you at the party and would appreciate if you could confirm your presence well before time so that I can make the arrangements accordingly.

Warm Regards,





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