Best Sales Letter


Mr. William,

The New Wave publishers



Mrs. Stevenson

C-35, Wilson Drive,


Dear Mrs. Stevenson,

It is my pleasure to address you. You have been our prestigious customer for years and have been regularly subscribing to our magazines and journals. Our publication is launching two new magazines “Youth today” and “Health n Life”. The magazines deal with issues related to youth and health.

Both the magazines are published monthly in the first week of every month. The magazines are designed to keep the readers updated about all the current issues related to their lives and health and aims to help them lead a better and healthier life.

Our publication house is offering the magazines at a special discounted rate to some valuable customers like you. You can get a yearly subscription of both the magazines for euro 100 while it is available for euro 150 in the market. I am also enclosing the first issue of both the magazines for your reference. If you like the offer, feel free to contact us.

We look forward for a positive reply.


Mr. William

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