Best Friendship Letter

Ms. Denise Morgan

Northfield, Birmingham

West Midlands, B36 2fj

December 15, 2010

Ms. Diana Austen

12 The Plantation, Blackheath

London, Se3 1ab

Dearest Diana,

I Was Buying Gifts This Morning And I Suddenly Remembered You When I Was Checking Perfumes At The Department Store.  Memories Of Our Teenage Days When We Were A Giggling Lot, Testing Almost All The Perfumes On Sale Because We Wanted To Have A Whiff And Smell Of Expensive Perfume Without Having To Spend Anything.  It Was A Ball Seeing The Angry Glares From The Sales Persons, But At Least We Also Received Looks Of Approval From The Boys.

I Really Miss Your Company, My Best Friend.  It Has Only Been A Month Since We Went Out Together But It Seems Like Such A Long Time Already.  I Guess We Really Are So Strongly Bonded That Even If We Already Have Our Own Families, We Still Consider Each Other As Best Buddies.

Do Come Over Soon So That We May Spend More Time Reminiscing The Good Old Days.



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