Bankruptcy Hardship Letter


George Wilson

Chief advocate

Legal Solutions Law Firm

23 Ying Yang Lane

Leeds, United Kingdom 2389

Sub: Bankruptcy Hardship

Respected Mr. Wilson,

The purpose of my writing this letter is to bring to your notice that I have become bankrupt and going through a hardship in paying my mortgage loan and also my car loan. It is impossible for me to repay my loan amounts as I have become completely bankrupt.

I had taken a mortgage loan of four hundred thousand pounds and a car loan of twenty thousand pounds. There are several reasons for me going bankrupt. I am a business man who was in the business of share trading. Due to a sudden fall in the stock market, my clients had run into losses and I had to return the money to my clients by winding up my business. My wife was the other earning member of the family and she has also lost her job due to recession. I am scared that the bank may take away my home as that was on mortgage.

I would like to request you find a solution and declare me as bankrupt in court so that at least my house is saved. I request you to relieve me from my hardship.


John Mayer

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