Bank Proposal Letter


Mr Stewart,

Bank manager,

ICUC bank,



Ms Meyer,

A/c holder 1486,

ICUC bank,


Dear Ms Meyer,

I, Mr Stewart, the branch manager of the ICUC bank, am writing this letter to make you aware of the fact that you have opened the account in the bank under the youth scheme. The coming week marks your 18th birthday and you become an adult. The respective change has to reflect in the type of the account which you prefer for yourself.

The list of the different proposals from the bank has been enclosed along with the latter and the recommended ones have been highlighted. The recommendations are given on the basis of the past record of the operation of your bank account. However, the recommendations for different proposals put forward by the bank are done only or the informative purpose and there is no compulsion on any of your decision. The decision shall be made by you and should be independent of any pressure. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday,

Yours truly,

Mr Stewart

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