Bank Account Error Correction Letter


Mr Stevenson,

C-12, Brandon Lane,



Mr Stark,

Bank manager,

ICUC Bank,


Dear Mr Stark,

This letter has come into effect for the need to draw your attention on the fact that my name has been misprinted on the passbook which has been handed to me for my account, account number EXN309320. I have opened this account a couple of days before. After getting the passbook, I realised that my name has been misspelled in the account passbook and I reckon the same has happened in your record books.

The name printed on the account passbook pronounces my surname as ‘Stephenson’ whereas it should have been in the name of ‘Stevenson’. I hope that the necessary corrective measures will be taken as quickly as possible and I shall be provided with an account passbook which spells my name correctly. Please make sure that such mistakes do not occur henceforth and that I encounter no hindrance in the dealings because of this mistake in my name.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Stevenson

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