Baby Shower Acceptance Letter


Mrs Raven,

B-3, Bakers Street,



Mrs Smith,

D-2, Waterloo Archway,


Dear Mrs Raven,

I hope this letter finds you in your best health. I cannot express to you how happy I am to hear that you are expecting a baby. I was pleasantly flabbergasted to come to know about this through your invitation letter for the baby shower event which you are holding. I assure you that I shall be coming to the baby shower and I remember the promise which I made to you. I shall be the one to look after all the arrangements for this event and you have to do nothing else but rest and command me. In order t take charge of all the arrangements I shall be arriving two days prior to the date of baby shower.

It is such a beautiful experience of being pregnant. The pleasant time has arrived for you and I hope that you are relishing every bit of this wonderful lifetime experience.

Yours caringly,

Mrs Smith

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