Baby Announcement Letter


Mrs Lewinsky,

Victor villa,

Orchid road,



Ms Jolie,

B-14, girls’ hostel,

University of Boston

Dear sister Jolie,

I hope to hear that you have been keeping well these days. I know you have your exams over and you tend to get cold feet after your exams; but I am hopeful that you have done your best and shall score even better than any previous year. I am writing this letter to announce very pleasantly expected news. Now, you are a proud aunt. I have given birth to a young healthy baby girl. The good news took place yesterday. However, I prevented Tom from letting you know this, since yesterday was your last university exam paper and I did not want you to have any kind of other excitement in your mind other than the exams.

I am hopeful that you shall be coming over to me to enjoy some homely celebration and shall be staying here for holidays. Looking forward to see you as soon as it can be,

Your loving sister,


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