Award Request Letter


Mr Woods,




Ms Stephanie

Dear Ms Stephanie,

I, Mr Woods, the mayor of Gloucestershire, feel extreme proud in declaring that you have been chosen for the award of popular citizen of the year for the city of Gloucestershire for this year. The authorities wish to present this award to you during the annual gathering of the city which is held during the second week of the February month of every year.

I, Mr Woods, the mayor of Gloucestershire, on behalf of all the citizens of the city of Gloucestershire request you to be present at the annual fest and accept the award which you deserve in every context. The glory and fame which you brought to the city by the success of the game you play is the subject for the award to be given to you. I hope that you accept the request and the award. I wish that the city continues to get fame from your play.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Woods

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