Authorized Representative Letter


Mr Bronson,

Bank manager,

UCIC bank,



Ms McGonagall,

E-12, Whistling Boulevard,


Dear Ms McGonagall,

This is Mr Bronson, the bank manager of UCIC Bank, Gloucestershire, writing to you in response to your application to serve as the representative of your mother, Mrs McGonagall, for operating her locker at the Gloucestershire branch of UCIC Bank.  This letter has come into effect in order to inform you that your application has been authorized by the bank. The bank accepts the medical reports submitted by you of your mother, Mrs McGonagall, and understands that she is not in a state to access her locker.

Hence, the bank has authorized you as the representative for your mother to access the locker no ECX2347 and the belongings in the said locker. We are sorry for the delay to provide you the access; but the time has been utilised to ensure the safety of your belongings in the locker. We are hopeful for your trust and faith in us like your mother.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Bronson

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