Authorization Letters

Authorization letters form a really important category of letters as they are important for granting permission, approval and distributing tasks or responsibilities. The word ‘authorization’ itself suggests that a person in authority drafts these letters to juniors so as to authorize them to perform a task. It clearly defines the expectations and focuses on the duties which are expected from the recipient.

Authorization letters can be of many types and some of them are as following:

  • Manager authorization letter
  • Clerical authorization letter
  • Warehouse authorization letter


Before writing an authorization, one should go through the following points which shall give a brief for framing the correct kind of a letter:

  • The letter should consist of precise instructions and that too in bulleted form if necessary.
  • The main responsibilities and duties which are expected from the recipient over a particular period of time can always be mentioned in a brief way without pointing out little details which can be discusses in person.
  • The letter should sound like a command and not a request.
  • Mention the time frame within which the work is expected to be done so that it leaves no place for misunderstandings.
  • The letter should be detailed enough to let the other person know exactly what you are trying to authorize.

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