Auction Donation Solicitation Letter


Mrs. Agatha Bloom

The Bloom Square

25 Pine Road


January 24, 2012

(Subject: Solicitation for the purpose of auction donation)

Respected Madam,

We are feeling honoured to bring this news to your knowledge that an auction of brilliant pieces of art work by the local artists will be held in the Capital Hall, on 25th of February, 2012. The event will begin from 1 PM and conclude at 4 PM.

It is our humble request that you donate an amount of £ 2,000 to our charity organization The Blind Welfare Society for a successful organizing of the auction. The amount collected from the event will be forwarded to the National Eye Research Institute.

There will be a luncheon organized in your esteem at the same event and eminent intellectuals and socialites of the city will be among the invitees.

It would be a mark of superlative benevolence if you would pay heed to this letter.

Yours truly

Mr. Brad Gooch


The Blind Welfare Society

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