Attorney Authorization Letter


Leonard Waters,

#2, Bromley,




14th September 2011

Subject: Authorization letter to collect documents

Dear Mr. Leonard,

I am your client Mr. Paul’s son living in Manchester. I need to apply for a loan and urgently require the property documents that are in your custody. The loan departments want all the original documents of my ancestral property and the link documents along with my personal documents. Apart from this I also need my personal documents such as domicile certificate and birth certificate.

As I am unable to come personally to collect them I want you to kindly do the needful on my behalf and send them across at the earliest. I authorize you to apply for the said documents on my behalf and also collect them by signing on my behalf.

Kindly get all the documents couriered to me as soon as received from the respective authorities without any delay.

Yours truly,

James Paul.



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