Attendance Warning Letter


Mr. Pat Gibson,

Junior Copywriter

1/12 Templeton Place,

Kensington UK

31st August 2013

Sub: Attendance Warning

Dear Pat,

I have gathered from your attendance log sheet that every three days in a week you are late by over an hour. We all know that copywriters are basically employed for they are good with words. And thus the simple tempting thought comes into play that you do not need to be in the office all the time.

I have been informed that your coming late has led to your absence from senior copywriter’s group meeting more than once. This has also hampered the company reputation in front of the clients who have been found to meet the man who has written the line for them.

I wish to warn you that such behavior which is more reminiscent of freelancer will not be tolerated in a firm as advertising firm as big as ours. Your absence from the office or from important meetings will be charged against with equal seriousness as might be your ability to do your work on time. I assure you that we will be punctual in our monitoring of this condition of yours, and will not shy away from taking serious action.


Mr. Gillian Smith

Lead writer

White Magic Advertising Pvt. Ltd.

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