Army Promotion Letter

Memorandum for Commander Philippine Army Brigid  Regency,

House No. 5-3-4/1

11th Street Gallery,

Mid Way,


Subject: Letter of Promotion

A promotion given to Alley in his higher position and recommend him for the post of commander in Philippine army for Brigid regency since they are in need of another military person that will post for the benefits of humane society.  Mr. Alley has performed his exemplary services in any of his post that assigned to him and seen his flexibility to his position.  And right now, in lieu to his performance he was given a promotion and a recommendation as well for his new post in Philippine Army.

He is the man with exceptional qualities that stand by as a true military person that give him freely just to implore the safety of human society.  His expertise and knowledge is well enough to give his service at all times.

He will be a great example for any military man today as he fulfills his new endeavor of his career.

Promotions Department,

Philippine Army,


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