Appreciation Letter Template


Mr Gonzales,

Help for Poor NGO,



Mr Potter,

A-1, Potter Villa,


Dear Mr Potter,

This letter has been drafted to express appreciation and gratitude for your helping hand on behalf of the entire Help for Poor NGO. We were a little hesitant while seeking your support for organising the workshop which we culminated last week on a successful note. However, you not only helped us with the fund requirements but also gave us valuable inputs for organising the workshop. The association of your name with the workshop and the NGO had helped us to manoeuvre more number of eyeballs than we have accepted. The response for the workshop has been excellent and this would not have been possible without your valuable contribution.

We express our hope of obtaining your support for other tasks in the future. We are completely overwhelmed by your active participation in every small aspect of this humble effort for the needy people. Conveying gratitude and appreciation on behalf of the NGO,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Gonzales

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