Appointment Request Letter


Mr. Jack L Johnson

ADS Technologies

Louth, Lincolnshire,

Date: 13-12-2011

Subject: Appointment request letter

Dear Mrs. Johnson

I am writing this letter to seek an appointment from you regarding an advertisement proposal that we want to offer you. I am working with Jack & Jones advertising firm and we have developed a very effective advertising plan for your products.

As you are well aware that these days marketing has become the most important section of business, and even very good products fail to attract buyers because of lack in marketing. We have developed a good marketing plan which will enhance your products sale by 28% every year.

I’ll be able to discuss all these things in detail if we can meet in personal. I’ll appreciate if you can take out some of your precious time from your busy schedule for our meeting. I assure you that it would be a good investment of time. Should you have any queries , kindly give me a call on 676 554 8985.

Yours’ sincerely

Mr. Adam Edwards


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