Application Letter Form


John Trelawney,

D-16, South Lane 12,

New Jersey


Mr Lombard,

Chief Selector,

‘Dancing Envy Star’ Competition,

E-12, Big Ham Boulevard,

New Jersey

Dear Mr Lombard,

This letter has been drafted in response to the advertisement put forward in the name of the ‘Dancing Envy Star’ Competition in The Daily News which has been dated 21 July 2010. I wish to apply as a participant in this competition. There are certain dancing competitions which I have won and which will help me to create a base worthy for this elite competition. The details regarding the achievements of mine in the field of dance has been enclosed along with this letter. Please do find time to roll your eyes on it. I assure you will not be let down.

I am very hopeful for the selection as a participant. I have also enclosed the fully filled application form along with the letter, as asked in the advertisement. I assure you that I shall deliver endeavour which shall be the match for the esteemed competition. Hopeful for the selection,

Yours sincerely,

John Trelawney

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