Appeal Letter to University


Crabbe Cook,


Galaxy View Apartments,



Mr Steward,

Head of Exam Cell,

University of Lancashire,


Dear Mr Steward,

This letter is an appeal to you to allow me to sit for the final year examination of degree course in telecommunication engineering. Last year, I was caught in small case of malpractice which I did not even seek advantage of. I was caught before attending the exam. This irresponsible act of mine resulted in the wastage of an entire year. I was hopeful that the university shall give me another chance this year. However, when I submitted my examination form, I was informed that the examination has been again denied to me.

I assure you that I shall never ever get indulged in any sort of malpractice and shall abide by all the rules and regulations. If not allowed, my whole career will go for a toss and my future shall be doomed along with the wastage of the last four years of studying. Hoping for the needful to be done,

Yours faithfully,

Crabbe Cook

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