Appeal Letter to Financial Aid


Chairperson, Financial Aid Department

St. Peters University


Subject: Appeal for financial aid to continue studies

Date: 8th March, 2012


I am writing this letter to appeal for financial aid to complete my final year of graduation from your esteemed university. I have received two reminders to pay the college fee of $ 8,000. But I would like to bring to your kind attention, that at this point of time, my family is facing very bad financial condition and hence my father is unable to submit the fee amount.

Sir, as you know, that I am one of the brightest students of your university and have brought many laurels for the university. I also want to complete my graduation this year itself but somehow due to some unavoidable circumstances my father is not in a position to spend money on my education.

I hope you’ll understand my situation and grant me the financial aid to complete my studies on time. I have enclosed my student details with this letter.

Looking forward for a positive response


Kevin Parker

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