Appeal Letter for Promotion


Ms Raven Braganza,

Head of Student Union,

Edinburgh School of Management,



Mrs McGonagall,


Edinburgh School of Management,


Dear Mrs McGonagall,

This letter has been drafted on behalf of all the management students of the Edinburgh School of Management in order to appeal for your valuable contribution for the promotion of the annual festival of our school. Last year, the annual fest was a huge success, owing to the helpful hand which you rendered voluntarily. Even this year, the students taking part in the annual fest in one way or the other are very keen to reach out for your experienced techniques and excellent event management methods. The promotion is very necessary for any event to be a success and no one knows it better than you.

We are very hopeful that you will not turn down this appeal and shall find time from your busy schedule to do the needful for annual fest. We are looking forward to learn the excellent promotion tactics with which you shall be handling the entire event.

Yours obediently,

Ms Raven Braganza

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