Appeal Letter for Donation


Mrs Broad,

B-7, Harington Drive,



Mrs Crimp,

B-13, Harington Drive,


Dear Mrs Crimp,

This letter has been drafted to make you aware of the event which is about to take place in our locality. All the residents of Harington Drive have come on a Consensus of helping the poor children of Privet Drive get vaccinated by providing as much donations as their capabilities permit them to do so. They are also involved in the process of coaxing more and more people from anywhere and everywhere possible.

Since you were out of the town for most of this month, it is but obvious that you might not know regarding this. However, I very affirmative on the fact that once you get to know about this you shall be more than willing to provide your part of donations to the vaccination fund. Your reach and influence shall help us get more donations for this noble cause. Hence, I hereby appeal you to do the needful.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Broad

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