Appeal Letter for College


The dean,

London College of Engineering & Technology


Subject: Appeal Letter for leave from industrial training

Date: 7th February, 2012.


I am writing this letter to appeal for leave from the industrial training program that we are required to pursue after the exams. Sir, I have a very urgent piece of work and hence it would be very difficult for me to attend the six week in industrial training program.

I want to bring this to your kind notice that my father is suffering from lung cancer and he needs a chemotherapy treatment to cure this disease. There are only two members in our family and I would have to accompany him in USA for this treatment. His cancer is curable if he gets treatment within a couple of months.

I hope you’ll understand my situation and allow this leave to me. I assure you that after coming back from USA I’ll join the training program on weekends to complete the credits of industrial training course.


Sarah Jane


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