Apology Love Letter

Dearest dear,

I really think that you do not deserve a person like me to be your life partner. I feel pathetically remorseful that I have forgotten your birthday. It is one of the most memorable days of the year and all the husbands all over the world plan this day to be even more special for their special one, except for me. I really apologise from the core of my heart that I forgot your birthday. I feel so much sorry that I feel ashamed to face you and say these words. It is the reason why you are hearing me in this way.

Now, I hope that you forgive me even if my mistake or say crime is not worthy of. I want to bribe you for seeking your forgiveness and hence I am offering you a week long holiday to Maldives. Again saying and feeling sorry for what I have done,

Yours lovingly,



Love Letters

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