Apology Letter to Girlfriend


Samantha Rodrigues

#34 castle Hills

St. Albans

Dear Samantha,

I am sorry!!!

I am sorry!!!!

I am sorry!!!!

I don’t know that how many times I should say sorry to you, so that you forgive me. Samantha, believe me I have realized that what I did was wrong and my behavior was very hurtful. I know you completely trusted me and I broke your trust so badly.

I have now realized that you matter a lot in my life more than anything else. I was so stupid that I went before other girls thinking that it is fun. I didn’t realize that you are most special person in my life and I am apologizing for this from the core of my heart. Please forgive me and give me just one chance to prove that I have left all my bad habits now and I won’t give you even a single chance to complaint.

Please forgive me just once.

Yours and only yours,


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