Apology Letter to Boss

November 5, 2010

Julia Shellard


Derby Supplies

Kedleston Road

Derby, DE23 1GB

Dear Madam,

I have been with this company for twenty years, starting as an office staff and eventually being promoted to my current position as Supervisor.  In all those years, I have maintained good work ethics and professionalims.  Unfortunately, an incident occurred sometime last week that may have negatively affected my good reputation.

Allow me to express my sincerest apology for what happened and whatever trouble it may have caused you or the company.  I assure you that the incident was unintentional and I never meant to cause any misunderstanding or distress in the workplace.

In case this apology is insufficient to repair any damage done, I willingly submit myself to the consequences of my action.  If necessary, I am also ready to resign from my position if I am already affecting the good standing of the company.

Thank you and I hope for your kind consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Tim Watson

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