Apology Letter Template


Mr Hogarth,

Supply manager,

KDMC Construction Materials Ltd,



Mrs Kolinsky,

Site Manager,

BMC Construction Company,


Dear Mrs Kolinsky,

I, Mr Hogarth, the supply manager of the KDMC Construction Materials Ltd, am writing this letter to apologise for the mistake which took place in the consignment which had been ordered and what has been delivered to you. There has been a huge misunderstanding and the adequate amount of materials which were ordered from your side was denied on the time when it was meant to be delivered. I take complete responsibility of the mistake which took place from our side and express my repentance over the time loss which you had to suffer.

I assure you that the future shall never see the dawn of any mistake in any context. I hope that this does not affect the healthy business relations which we have been sharing for such a long and that this mistake shall be overlooked for the sake of it. Assuring of a timely and best quality supply henceforth,

Yours sincerely,

Mr Hogarth

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