Apology Letter For Misconduct


John Black,

D-2, Raving Winds Apartments,



Ms Raven,

A-2, Whistling Heights Apartments,


Dear Raven,

This letter has been drafted by me to convey apologies for the kind of behaviour with which I met you on last Sunday. During the swimming session, I went pervert and carried away with what I sense was never me and never wanted to me. I apologise to you from the core of my heart for the misconduct. I know you were very hurt but never made me aware of it. I give you my word that it shall never happen again in future with you and with anyone else around me. For one thing, I do not understand is why you did not point it out. I suppose you wanted me to realise through my conscience.

I am hopeful that you will forgive me. I wish to be back with you like ever before and feel that it never happened and at the same time being vigilant that it never happens.

Yours friendly,


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