Apology Letter For Delay


Ms Simpson,


UBQT Shopping Complex,

San Diego


Mr Filibuster,

F-13, Marcus corner,

San Diego

Dear Mr Filibuster,

This letter has been drafted to convey you the apologies from the UBQT Shopping Complex regarding the delay in the delivery of the goods which you have ordered on the date of 14 November, 2010. There have been certain issues which have delayed the arrival of the consignment of several goods and commodities. Certain number of the goods ordered by you has also been on the list of the delayed items. This has been the reason for the delay.

I take complete responsibility of the entire event and I, on the behalf of the UBQT Shopping Complex, express deep regret for all the inconvenience which has been incurred by this. As a part of the compensation, we wish to offer 10 percent ease on the entire bill of this delayed business. I hope that the healthy relation between you and our UBQT shopping complex shall continue in the same way.

Yours sincerely,

Ms Simpson

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