Adoption reference letter

Mr. Medwin Clement

King Edward Road, Birmingham

West Midlands, B17 8HR

June 20, 2010

Ms. Christine Warner

Birmingham, West Midlands

B19 0PE

Dear Ms. Warner,

I have been informed that you have been looking for a child to adopt for many years now and are still waiting for the adoption procedure to be completed.  I would like to help you by referring a child for your adoption.

The child is five years old and I have known her from my numerous duties as a social worker.  She is of good temperament and I know that you will easily fall in love with her just as I did.  The child was taken into the care of the social service due to financial incapacity of the parents.

I know that you and your wife are responsible and caring individuals who are capable of providing her with her needs.  I hope this reference would help you finally find the child that would best suit your preference.

Thank you.


Medwin Clement

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