Admission Decision Appeal Letter


Rick Martin

Head of Dean

London School of Business

89 Hilly Billy Road

New Leeds, UK 4523

Dated: 1st of June 2012

Subject: Appeal letter for rejection of admission

Respected Mr. Martin,

This is in regards to the rejection of my application for admission in your institute. I am writing this letter to appeal against the rejection.

I had applied for a bachelor’s degree in business administration on 1st of May 2012 in your business school. I received a rejection letter from your end on 14th of May 2012 stating that my application has been rejected as you had received my application much after the last day of application acceptance. I had sent my application via courier but there were few internal organizational issues in the courier company, due to which there was a delay in receiving the application. I can also send you the slip provided by the courier company as evidence. I have always been a good student and secured excellent grades in my high school final exams. Above that it has been an academic ambition of mine to pursue my bachelor’s degree from your reputed business school.

I request you consider my appeal and accept my application for admission.


Jonathan Swift

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