Acceptance Letter Template


Mr Filch,

B-8, Waterloo Archway,



Mr Bins,

C-3, Bakers Street,


Dear Mr Bins,

I was just thinking that it has been a long time having heard from you and then last Sunday I got your letter. However, the content was not expected. I have been garnering a lot of appreciation of late and when I read all those criticism in your letter, I was flabbergasted. I would like to mention that all your criticism has been accepted whole heartedly by me and shall work more dedicatedly to assure that I do justice to what I am meant to.

Amidst all the appreciation and hails, I always knew that it requires being someone on the personal front to criticise what the whole world has been appreciating. I could not have asked for anyone else than you to do this favour. You have always leaded me by the right path whenever I went astray. I cannot thank you more for that.

Always longing for your care,

Your possession,

Mr Filch

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