Acceptance Letter Format


Mrs. Fraser,


Model English School, London


Ms. Scarlet

Dear Ms Scarlet,

This letter has been drafted as a reply to the application which you have put forward the school authorities to provide admission to your child, Mellissa. There have been several factors causing hindrance for the admission of your child. The first and the foremost thing which has been on the minds of all the concerned people was the fact that the term is at its midway and it shall be very difficult for any child to cope up with the added pressure.

However, considering the repeated assurance from your side and the excellent academic record of Mellissa, the school authorities have accepted the admission application of yours. It shall be a disgrace for any school to deny the opportunity for such a bright child to save her an entire educational year. We shall work together for the best of Mellissa’s future. Wishing you and Mellissa all the best and congratulations,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs. Fraser.

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