Academic Recommendation Letter

Mr. Barry Wood

Aston University

Aston Triangle

Birmingham B4 7ET

September 10, 2011

Mr. Lawrence Goodman


Office of Graduate School Admissions

The University of Aberdeen

King’s College

Aberdeen AB24 3FX

Dear Mr. Goodman,

I am writing this recom mendation upon the request of Jamie Anderson for her application in your

university for the Doctor of Philosophy program.

I have known Jamie for the past three years as she has enrolled in the courses which I teach such as

Behavioral Sciences, Applied Ps ychology, and Environmental Science. As her academic adviser as well, I

had the opportunity to observe Jamie’s participation and interaction in class and was able to evaluate

her knowledge in her course study. Jamie got straight A+ in all the courses menti oned and I would say

that her overall performance is outstanding.

The thesis “The Role of Society: Impacting the Sub -Conscious of the Youth,” which Jamie defended with

flying colors will speak much of her scholarly excellence. I believe she will continue to progress in the

program she has chosen in your institution.

Should you like to further discuss the merits of Jamie, please feel free to contact me at 0121 204 3300.


Barry Wood, Ph.D.

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