Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter


The Dean

Academic Committee

City College of Engineering & Technology


Subject: Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

Date: 7th March, 2012.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to appeal for cancellation of my dismissal from the St. Patrick University.  It was very upsetting to hear that I was being considered for dismissal from the letter that was sent to me last week.

Sir, I admit that in the last semester my grades went down and I couldn’t even pass my exams. I don’t want to make up excuses to explain my degraded performance but I really had a very bad phase of my life during last semester. My father passed away before the exams and due to which I couldn’t concentrate on my studies. I hope you can understand my circumstances and would realize that I am not a bad student, but the situations were such that I couldn’t perform well in my exams.

I assure you that if given another chance I can prove my capabilities and can do well in the exams. Kindly consider my appeal to cancel my dismissal.


Charles Perry

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